Piston Ring Fit for DEUTZ , DEUTZ -FIL511D,FL912D,SOM03,

Item Brand Engine Type Reference CylNo. Diameter
Piston Ring Fit for Deutz
1 Deutz FIL511D 6 φ100
2 Deutz FL912D 6 φ100
3 Deutz SOM03 6 φ100
4 Deutz F4L913D 6 φ102
5 Deutz FL913C 6 φ102
6 Deutz BFL913T 6 φ102
7 Deutz FL913ZY 6 φ102
8 Deutz 226B 6 φ105
9 Deutz 1013 6 φ108
10 Deutz 1013 6 φ108
11 Deutz BFL413 6 φ125
12 Deutz BFL513 6 φ125

The piston rings developed by our company have been extensively supplied to wholesalers in Europe and Southeast asia. Perennial stable product quality by customers alike.

The company challenges leading European piston ring standard, has introduced the outer circle lathe, high precision double end grinder, surface grinder, grinding machine, elevator repair machine, CNC machine tools, CNC, CNC polishing, R hook groove electroplating Center, machining and other advanced equipment, with sophisticated testing equipment and perfect detection method. And processing all kinds of special-shaped section, all kinds of oil ring, partial barrel ring, inside and outside the opening stopping ring, nose ring etc.. The company strictly organizes production according to ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system standard. The German Goetz production process, mainly the production of ships, engineering machinery and air compressor piston ring, 500 kinds of specifications.