From Alcatraz to Kootznahoo: America and Prisons

Where: Kootznahoo Alaska, 89460 Gardnerville Ranchos (United States). When: on 17-06-2011.
Written at 17-06-2011 by Denise Real
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From Alcatraz to Kootznahoo America and Prisons Denise Real It sits quietly, yet ominously, isolated and abandoned, except for an occasional dusting, in the basement of what is still called “The Rock”. The last time it sent its 2,000 volts blasting through a condemned criminal's tormented body and soul was well over a century ago, before its close in 1963. Alcatraz has been a resort ...

Down By The Old Mill Pond

Where: Cadillac USA, 49601 Cadillac (United States). When: on 19-05-1960.
Written at 22-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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Sixth grade was pretty exciting for me. It was the grade where my teacher acknowledged my writing skills to the whole class and to the PTA. She read one of my stories to them and I got a reward. You would think that after having such a good experience in school that I would have had sense enough to leave well enough alone. But no, I had to push my luck. My best friend, Bob, asked me one d...