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Where: New York (United States). When: on 21-09-2011.
Written at 22-05-2012 by Anonymous
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I was starving when I woke up. McDonalds was my only choice because it was near the hotel. I don’t like fast food but I thought that it would be nice if I eat in McDonalds because it was my last day in the States. I liked the atmosphere there. I’ve seen lots of restaurants for fast food and I never thought that they had a good atmosphere but this one was different. I looked around and I fe...

The Day We Extended Our Family

Where: 45011 Hamilton (United States). When: on 17-08-2010.
Written at 29-05-2012 by Anonymous
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The Day We Extended Our Family It had only been a couple days since we had gotten back from our honeymoon in Hawaii, so to say that we were, “Newlyweds,” was an understatement. We were a living, breathing walking, romantic comedy with a happy ending. And on this day, it was only going to get better. We had just enjoyed a delicious and healthy meal at an all you can eat pizza buffet. Since...

They Say I Could Have Died

Where: 39 Hemlock rd. , 06451 Meriden (United States). When: on 04-12-2010.
Written at 04-12-2010 by Chris Boyd
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They said I could have died. They said two days later if I hadn't gone to them, I'd have come to them in a coma. Three days later, I would have come to them dead. My name is Chris Boyd. That day was the most pivotal day in my life. I had been sick for months. They said since December. I didn't feel sick. I had been sick so long sick felt normal. I saw the pattern and the math they were...

Crazy New York Experience

Where: 87 East 42nd Street , 10001 New York (United States). When: on 27-11-2010.
Written at 09-12-2010 by Ryan Smith
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During this past November, my brother and I had one of the wildest experiences in New York City. We took the train into Grand Central Station in the morning and planned to stay the whole day, catching the last train possible that night. Arriving at nine that morning we would have a solid 10 hours until we had to catch the seven o'clock train home. It was our first time going in to the city a...