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Where: New York (United States). When: on 21-09-2011.
Written at 22-05-2012 by Anonymous
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I was starving when I woke up. McDonalds was my only choice because it was near the hotel. I don’t like fast food but I thought that it would be nice if I eat in McDonalds because it was my last day in the States. I liked the atmosphere there. I’ve seen lots of restaurants for fast food and I never thought that they had a good atmosphere but this one was different. I looked around and I fe...

My hair

Where: Pedestrian Overpass , 641001 Coimbatore (India). When: on 25-05-2014.
Written at 25-05-2014 by Sathvika Shyam
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My hair Hi guys I am satvi just don't think this book is all about my hair it is also about me! I have curly hair of which I am very proud off but at school some are jealous of my hair some time back my hair was very thick but you know most of us don't care about stuff until we lose it I did the same when I was small I didn't take care of my hair but later today morning when ...

The Trumpet Man

Where: Congress Ave 1512, TX 78704 Austin (United States). When: on 30-10-2009.
Written at 08-12-2010 by Mary Jane Watson
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Kevin was a dark shadow on a street corner in South Congress a block away from an overcrowded costume shop. I felt the need to stop, sit a while amidst the chaos of Halloween night, and relax for once. There’s a magic about street musicians that binds us—we are lulled into their sounds, their voices, yet are too afraid to treat them as mere mortals. They are more mysterious, more mystif...

The day I fell in love with the Netherlands.

Where: 2001 Baxter Rd, 99504-3215 Alaska (United States). When: on 28-12-1972.
Written at 16-06-2011 by Kris Tengberg
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A pale winter morning greeted my uninterested eyes. Outside the tiny window, the sun was only pretending to care. The fire was out and the room was cold. Lonely for company and out of coffee, I went in search of both. This early, there were no rides coming down from the foothills, and it was an hour before I put my feet on the dirty black stripe that led into Anchorage. Snow ...