Down By The Old Mill Pond

Where: Cadillac USA, 49601 Cadillac (United States). When: on 19-05-1960.
Written at 22-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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Sixth grade was pretty exciting for me. It was the grade where my teacher acknowledged my writing skills to the whole class and to the PTA. She read one of my stories to them and I got a reward. You would think that after having such a good experience in school that I would have had sense enough to leave well enough alone. But no, I had to push my luck. My best friend, Bob, asked me one d...

She said, tender moments of times past

Where: Holland Michigan, 49423 Holland (United States). When: on 18-05-2007.
Written at 22-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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Things I Have Missed After sitting with one another for the better part of an afternoon she turned to him and said: “What have you missed?” After a few moments he replied: I have missed the warm sunshine on my face as the sun rises in the East. I have missed the gentle touch of someone I love when they reach over in the morning before getting out of bed and squeeze my hand ever...

An Ostrich Adventure

Where: Arkansas (United States). When: on 18-09-1996.
Written at 15-05-2012 by Anonymous
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We were making a long exciting trip down to the ocean by car. After the first day of driving, we reached our first night's destination, at the Whispering Winds Bible Camp camp ground in Arkansas. After driving onto the grounds, we got out of the car to explore. We had fond memories of this camp ground. Once, when I had been six, my younger sister three years old, and my little brother a baby,...

Recalling Past

Where: Calcutta (India). When: on 23-05-2013.
Written at 23-05-2013 by Manish Khurana
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I was 2 and half years old and I saw my mother screaming in terror as the flames engulfed her fragile and delicate persona. She wanted to live but god if there is one had different plans. Scary and traumatic as it was I do not remember anything of it. I do not remember the smell of nylon burning nor the smell of flesh being consumed by the fire. It was an accident a very silly one at that too a...

Wake Me When It's Over

Where: West Valley City (United States). When: on 09-06-2013.
Written at 09-06-2013 by Dylan Austin
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Chapter 1: Apnea. They say that when a person realizes their dreaming their mind either allows them to alter the dream to their tastes or Wakes them into another dream. "Dude...they are here..... get up.... MIKE" I heard waking from what felt like a never ending dream. "Mike grab your gun, alpha's run down by enemy forces." Kris said as he threw me what felt like a brick until I looked down....