A Moral Dilemma

Where: 174 W. Main St , 53190 Whitewater (United States). When: on 18-11-1998.
Written at 10-12-2010 by Quinn Levandoski
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The year was 1998. I was only 8 years old, and I was in a local shop in the small town of Whitewater, Wisconsin. It was a pretty normal day: I was with my mother and we were doing some winter shopping. She was looking at jackets, or jeans, or something of that nature, and I had wandered over a few rows for no other reason than to feed my curiosity. I remember being thrilled at how many diff...

Bob Roberts - Visiting the Texan Wild, a Timeless Dream

Where: Hay Hollar Road 1580, 78003 Bandera (United States). When: on 04-09-2010.
Written at 25-04-2011 by Invalid
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Many dream of the American dream, a hazy far away dream bearing close semblance to the fading horizon. The Texas experience is a truly amazing dream comes true. The land of cowboys, ranches and the gunslingers, just like in the Western movies and novels. When many dreamers of the American experience watch the Westerns, the first impression is the ranches, cornfields, horses, guns on waist holst...

My Introduction To Snow Skiing in Michigan

Where: Cadillac USA, 49601 Cadillac (United States). When: on 01-12-1960.
Written at 11-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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At the tender young age of ten I was introduced to the wonderful world of skiing in Michigan. That was not necessarily a good thing. Let me explain. It was about noon on that fateful day of my introduction that I came home from school for lunch. My father was waiting for me at the door and sternly said “get into the back room. I have to talk to you about something important.” If you...

She said, tender moments of times past

Where: Holland Michigan, 49423 Holland (United States). When: on 18-05-2007.
Written at 22-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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Things I Have Missed After sitting with one another for the better part of an afternoon she turned to him and said: “What have you missed?” After a few moments he replied: I have missed the warm sunshine on my face as the sun rises in the East. I have missed the gentle touch of someone I love when they reach over in the morning before getting out of bed and squeeze my hand ever...