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Where: New York (United States). When: on 21-09-2011.
Written at 22-05-2012 by Anonymous
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I was starving when I woke up. McDonalds was my only choice because it was near the hotel. I don’t like fast food but I thought that it would be nice if I eat in McDonalds because it was my last day in the States. I liked the atmosphere there. I’ve seen lots of restaurants for fast food and I never thought that they had a good atmosphere but this one was different. I looked around and I fe...

She said, tender moments of times past

Where: Holland Michigan, 49423 Holland (United States). When: on 18-05-2007.
Written at 22-05-2011 by Steven Doornbos
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Things I Have Missed After sitting with one another for the better part of an afternoon she turned to him and said: “What have you missed?” After a few moments he replied: I have missed the warm sunshine on my face as the sun rises in the East. I have missed the gentle touch of someone I love when they reach over in the morning before getting out of bed and squeeze my hand ever...

Skeletal Supervision

Where: Invalid. When: on 08-09-2012.
Written at 08-09-2012 by Tommy McMahon
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I remember that night well. The night that I first thought about doing what I ended up doing, what I’m going to tell to you now. I remember I had a headache and was in that state of being where you aren’t quite tired, but you’re almost apathetic to doing anything. I suppose lethargic would be the best fitting word, but I’m not sure that encompasses the feeling in its entirety. ...