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Where: New York (United States). When: on 21-09-2011.
Written at 22-05-2012 by Anonymous
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I was starving when I woke up. McDonalds was my only choice because it was near the hotel. I don’t like fast food but I thought that it would be nice if I eat in McDonalds because it was my last day in the States. I liked the atmosphere there. I’ve seen lots of restaurants for fast food and I never thought that they had a good atmosphere but this one was different. I looked around and I fe...

A walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

Where: Golden Gate Bridge , San Francisco (United States). When: on 20-09-2010.
Written at 06-12-2010 by Alana Barretto
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I recently discovered the city of San Francisco and it is truly unlike anything else I’ve seen. It is a lovely city that has everything from great establishments to little “mom and pop shops”, hippies to businessmen, fine art to commercial shopping. Then there are also places in the city that are must-see’s like Fisherman’s Wharf, Haight-Ashbury, the Golden Gate Park, Union Square, Ma...

Educational Vacation

Where: Washington DC (United States). When: on 19-05-2004.
Written at 07-12-2010 by Delta Ducky
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A few years ago I was privileged enough to venture across the US from my home in the West to Washington DC. My mother and 8th grade classmates accompanied me for the full 5 days. I didn't think much of the trip at the time seeing as I was fairly young, but as I've grown older, I've realized the degree of what I actually experienced. As soon as our plane landed in Virginia, the great tour bega...

Disneyland Vacation

Where: S Harbor Blvd Anaheim, California, 92801 Anaheim (United States). When: from 10-08-2009 Till 27-08-2009.
Written at 10-12-2010 by Aaron Knapik
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Every kid's dream is to go to Disneyland, right? Well i finally got to live that dream on my family vacation in Summer of 2009. It was just as you'd expect it and more! Disney characters walking around everywhere, amazing souvenirs all along the side streets, and the best rides you'd ever see! First thing we knew we had to do was just look around at all of the amazing sights they had here. E...

Sick Vacation

Where: One Casino Drive , 33324 Paradise Island (The Bahamas). When: on 24-08-2009.
Written at 13-12-2010 by Ryan Smith
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Vacations are some of the best times that anyone could ever have. Getting away from the hardships of real life is just what everyone needs. Fun in the sun, late nights, and sleeping in all day, nothing could be better. Two summers ago, I took a trip with my family to the Bahamas. It was vacation on Paradise Island, and it was definitely paradise. Everything about the trip was amazing. The...