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Where: One Casino Drive , 33324 Paradise Island (The Bahamas). When: on 24-08-2009.
Written at 13-12-2010 by Ryan Smith
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Vacations are some of the best times that anyone could ever have. Getting away from the hardships of real life is just what everyone needs. Fun in the sun, late nights, and sleeping in all day, nothing could be better. Two summers ago, I took a trip with my family to the Bahamas. It was vacation on Paradise Island, and it was definitely paradise. Everything about the trip was amazing. The island natives were so nice and helpful, although they always wanted you to buy different souvenirs. At the resort, my brothers and I were in awe. We had never seen another hotel like it. There was an aquarium in the lobby with thousands of fish in the tanks, and there were over 100’s of tanks. The ceilings were painted and it was amazing art. The resort was filled with a lazy river that was over a mile long sky high water slides, and pools all over the place. Along with all of that, the beach was amazing. Standing waist deep in the water, which is crystal clear was amazing. Fish would come up and swim around your legs and not even be afraid. The vacation would have been the best of my life but what made it even better than that was fact that the Miss Universe pageant was happening during my stay there. Along with all the great amenities of the resort, there were countless amounts of the most beautiful women in the whole world walking every where. What was even more refreshing was the fact that they were not stuck up women that you would expect; they were very kind and patient with the public. They were even willing to take pictures with us. This time with my family was one of the best I could have ever asked for. We all had the times of our lives. We went out to some of the greatest restaurants I had ever been to, all the while having a blast every day at the resorts water attractions. Participating in different water sports like jet skiing and parasailing added to the excitement of our ever day fun that we had. I had always had fun on vacations but never quite like this. Every thing about this trip was perfect. The weather was amazing, the girls were extremely gorgeous, and I could not have asked for a better time on vacation. I know it is worth the extra work to get where you want to be and do fun things that could almost be imaginable.

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