The Mystery of Jennifer

Where: (United States). When: on 31-01-2010.
Written at 07-05-2011 by Destiny Maurer
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It was 10:45 Saturday night. The air was cool and crisp. But one house stood out from all the rest. That was Mr. Hernandez' house. Sirens squealed, police lights flashed, and the groggy, uninterested voices of the police officers filled the air. A silver Mercedes pulled into Mr. Hernandez' driveway. Pete Lawson stepped out of his brand new silver Mercedes. He was about 5'8'', and 180lbs. He had finely chiseled features. He had soft black that glistened in the moonlight, and gentle brown eyes. He wore a black Armani suit, with black shoes that sparkled in the moonlight. He wore a baby blue, collared, button-up shirt. And even though Pete Lawson was only 24, he had already made a big splash in his career. Although, it was no walk in the park for him. He has always had a lot of personal problems. Even now, as an adult, his childhood problem have followed him. His mother, Clarice, was and 'till this very day, a drug attic, and an alcoholic. And, as a child, his mother would beat him. It was completely humiliating for him. One minute, his father would be telling him that he was supposed to be a man, and a man needed to take charge, and be tough. And then his mother would go and beat him senseless. And his father, Joe, dealt drugs, and was in a gang since he was eight. Detective Lawson has two brothers, and one sister. His twin brother, Jim, is in a mental hospital. Jim has multiple personality disorder. He has five different personalities. Two of them, have mental disorders, one, is a seven year-old girl, one, is Jim, (he's just an average 24 year-old man) and one is a mass murderer.. His sister, Janet, is in Rickers Island for life, with no chance of parole. Janet is barely 20, she has been in jail since she was 18. Detective Lawson's last brother, Micheal, is they is the only one of his siblings that has made something of themselves. Micheal is a singer, and a great one at that. His singing is utterly angelic. But, anyway, back to our story. Mr. Hernandez' house was much worse than it looked. The walls were barely staying together, the roof was caving in, and wouldn't hold much longer. And the dirty, disgusting paint was chipping of the walls. The closer Detective Lawson got to the crime scene, the more curious he became. You see, Detective Lawson is a very curios man. Even as a child, he was very curious. After social services took him away from his parents, he would sit at a table at recess, and watch the other children play and laugh. Just watch them. He was intrigued by how other people thought and acted. He wanted to know what provoked peoples thoughts and actions, it was a wonder why he didn't become a psychiatrist. But, that is one of the many reason he was so good at his job. He wanted to know what made people tick. "Multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.
" A voice said. "Pete. Pete! Did you hear a word I said?" It was his partner and best friend, John Letterman. "Oh. Sorry,John. I was just thinking." Pete said. "About what?" John asked. "I just-I-well why would anyone want to kill Mr. Hernandez? He has nothing. No money, hardly any food or clothes. It just doesn't make any sense." Pete said, sounding troubled. "Well Pete, that's what we're here to find out. John said. If you ask me, the world is better off with out people like him." A deep, rough voice snarled. Pete, and John looked towards where the voice had come from. It was Turk Dominguez. Nobody asked you, Dominguez." Pete said, as if just saying his name caused him physical pain, and made him want to throw-up. "And I didn't ask you to butt-in, Lawson." Dominguez said forcefully. Turk Dominguez was a large man. His face resembled that of an ugly monkey.
Oh, and Lawson, that's officer Dominguez to you."


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